Residence Permit in Turkey

Residence Permit in Turkey

How to get a “Residence Permit in istanbul?” is a common issue for foreigners residing in Istanbul. How and where do you get residence permits? First of all you should know if you need to get one. Here are the topics?
Foreigners who want to live in Turkey more than ninety days OR students for his/her education in Turkey OR those who has intention to work, need to get residence permit. Istanbul immigration office is to place where the application must be made. For a work permit, the applicant must have a residence permit  for a term not less than six months.
There are several kinds of residence permits (in example; for tourist, for students, for a foreigner getting married with a Turkish citizen, and etc.) The most used residence permit is “tourist residence” which is issued with a term of 12 months. in other words, it is granted for one year.

In order to get permit permit, foreigner should prove that he has enough money to live in Turkey. At least 500 USD for each month he want to stay must be proved by bank account. Also he/she must have health insurance for a term equal to his/her residence period. All application is made via on-line system of Immigration Office’s web-site.

It is relatively easier to get residence permit if the applicant owns any real estate in Turkey. However in such case, the application has to be made where the property is. In other words you can not make residence permit application in istanbul while you own a house in Ankara. 

Residence Permit for Tourist in Istanbul relatively easier since it is a well known destination. But other cities which does not have a tourist population will not grant and touristic residence permit 

The Term (Duration) of such permit is up to 24 months. residence permit does not grant any right to work in Turkey. You are supposed to obtain work permit for that. Once you have work permit you automatically have residence permit as well. Therefore be careful when you cancel your work permit or when it expires. In other words when work permit is invalid due to reasons mentioned above your residence permit will be invalid as well. 

Last but not least, due to the fact that Istanbul is very crowded the meeting day which is to be appointed by on-line system at the immigration office will be no closer than 2 – 3 months, therefore it is a relatively long process to complete. 

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