Types of Work Permits in Turkey

Types of Work Permits in Turkey

WORK PERMITS FOR A DEFINITE PERIOD OF TIME: Unless otherwise provided in the bilateral or multi-lateral agreements to which Turkey is a party, working permission for a definite period of time is given to be valid for at most one (1) year. The Ministry may extend or narrow down the area of validity of the work permit restricted by terms by taking as basis the city, administrative border or geographical area.

In case this is applied, the Ministry shall communicate this decision to the relevant authorities to whom the former advises the work permits. After the legal working duration of one year, duration of the working permit may be extended up to three (3) years, on condition of working in the same workplace or enterprise and in the same job. At the end of the three years legal working period, the terms of the work permit may be extended for a maximum of further three years to work in the same profession and with any employer of his/her discretion.

WORK PERMITS FOR A INDEFINITE PERIOD OF TIME:  Unless otherwise foreseen in the bilateral or multilateral contracts, to which Turkey is a party, foreigners having been residing in Turkey legally and uninterruptedly for at least eight (8) years or having undergone a total working period of six (6) years in Turkey, may be granted a work permit without terms without taking into consideration the status of the industrial market and the developments in business life and in case of approval of the relevant authorities; without being restricted with any certain operation, profession, civil or geographical area.

INDEPENDENT WORK PERMIT: Independent work permit may be given by the Ministry to the foreigners, who will work independently, on conditions that they have resided in Turkey legally and uninterruptedly for at least five (5) years and their working shall have a positive effect on employment and economic development. While evaluating the effects on employment, related authorities’ opinions are considered too.

The fact that the foreigner has fulfilled the condition, of having had a legal und uninterrupted residence for at least five years, shall be evidenced by the certificate to be obtained from the police authorities. This certificate shall be presented to the Ministry along with the other documents during the application for independent work permit.

While evaluating whether the condition has been fulfilled that the foreigner has legally and uninterruptedly resided for at least five years; periods passed during education are not taken into consideration.

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