Turkish Citizenship – 2017

Turkish Citizenship – 2017

What are the conditions and requirements for Turkish Citizenship ?  Who are eligible to apply and how does the procedure work? On the date of 12th January 2017 a new regulation come into effect which gives opportunity to those who make investment in Republic of Turkey.

As per new regulation, which amends the Regulation of Turkish Citizenship Law, foreign investors will be exempt from ordinary application process and requirements under Law no 5901, provided that the following criteria are met by such foreigners.

1 – Investors: Those foreigners who make cash investment in Turkey will have a chance for citizenship. However some criteria are set for such citizenship. Conditions are as follows;

  •  in the amount of no less than two million US Dollars ($ 2 mn.) must be invested in Republic of Turkey without regard of any business sector.
  • However, such investment is to be approved by Ministry of Economy of Republic of Turkey.

Upon the approval of such investment from the Ministry, foreigner will be eligible to apply. For details and the procedure thereof is written here below.

2 – Real Estate Owners: Foreigners who bought a real estate in Turkey with a price no less than one million US Dollar ($ 1 mn.) can apply to acquire Turkish Citizenship, provided that;

  • The owner must register a special condition at Land Register that real estate will not be sold within 3 tree years commencing from the date of acquire.
  • The value of real estate will be checked and approved by Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning so that the foreigner will have right to apply Turkish Citizenship with concession.

3 – Bank Account Holders: Foreigners having a bank account in Turkey in which they deposit no less than three million US Dollar ($ 3 mn) is eligible to take Turkish Citizenship provided that;

  • They will undertake not to withdraw money before the end of 3 years term,
  • The account is approved by Undersecretariat of Treasury of Turkey.

Such investors will always be the sole owner of the money (no doubt) and they can enjoy the any and all interest from their deposited money.

4- Industrialist & Manufacturer: Foreigners who make concrete investment (such as factory, or textile manufacturer, construction companies, etc) within the border of Turkey

  • Employ et least one hundred (100) Turkish Citizen employees, will also be eligible for Turkish Citizenship.
  • However, Ministry of Labour and Social Security will examine and must approve that one hundred Turkish Citizens are employed properly.

How is the Application Made? 

Those foreigners who are capable of meeting the above-mentioned criteria must get the official statement from the related Ministry so that he approves to have been fulfilled the requirements for Turkish Citizenship. Also, the following documents must be provided to the  “Directorate General of Civil Registration and Citizenship Affairs” Those directorates exist in each city of Turkey.

Citizenship Application Documents

Here are the short list of required documents for Citizenship Application in Turkey. Please be informed that these are general documents and additional doc’s & info’s may be asked from the person himself.

  1. Application Form
  2. Official Statement from concerned Ministry
  3. Birth Certificate (approved by Turkish Consulate in foreigners country OR apostilled as per Lahey Convention dated 6 Oct. 1961)
  4. Civil Status (which shows if he is single of married and names, surnames of his family members) This one is also must be either apostilled or approved by Turkish Consulate in his country.
  5. Notarised copy of his Passport.

How Long Will it Take?

Normal application process in Turkey for foreigners who are not eligible for the qualifications mentioned above can only apply according the general rules of Law 5901. In such process may take 6 months to 24 months to complete. However, Foreigners who are eligible for this Investments is expected to take citizenship within 4 months. As of today (9th March 2017) the applications are not started even though the law is enacted. The Directorate of Civil registry is waiting for secondary legislation to be completed by the concerned Ministry.

Last but not least, Interior Ministry of Turkey is authorized to evaluate normal application whereas the the Council of Ministers will award those special applications.

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Best Regards,
H. Seda Demirci, LLM


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